Musang Berjanggut


Published: 2 years ago

Category: 2000 dan Kebawah, Klasik, Komedi, Melayu


In a kingdom called Pura Cendana, the ruler Raja Alam Syahbana and the queen decided to adopt a son when they could not have any child of their own. Tun Nila was chosen amongst the thousands. When he grew up into a young and handsome prince, he was asked by the king to find a partner. Tun Nila decided to search far and wide for the perfect lady. Before he set out, he mixed cooking ingredients such as rice and salt in a bag.

In his own terms, he shall marry the lady that managed to cook from the mixed ingredients. Along the journey, he met several women but when asked to cook, they couldn’t since the ingredients are mixed. Finally he met a lady by the name of Puspawangi. Thinking that there must be a reason for the mixed ingredients, Puspawangi decided to do the tedious job of sifting and cooking. When Tun Nila realized what she had done, he proposed to her and they received blessings from Puspawangi’s parents.

However, this was not the end of Tun Nila’s problem. When the king and his ministers saw Puspawangi, they were mesmerized by her beauty. They devised a plan to get rid of Tun Nila hoping that they would be able to worm their way closer to Puspawangi.

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