Langgar (2013)


Published: 2 years ago

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“Langgar” is a film that should be viewed by fans of action films. Directed by Syed Hussein Syed Mustafa, also known as Sein from Ruffedge, his first directorial attempt turned out great and did not disappoint.

The film had two themes which are revenge and crime. The director succeeded in making this a film that does not bore or confuse the audience and it could even be compared to the highly praised film “KL Gangster”.

There are several factors that very interesting in terms of acting. Adi Putra, as usual, managed to play his character effectively and should be commended. Meanwhile,
the addition of Bell Ngasri in the film is also a wise choice. Bell plays Adi Putra’s good friend; his bold yet cowardly character makes the audience see how great he is at portraying his role.

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