Laki-Laki (2013)


Published: 1 year ago

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5 guys, 1 program, 1 isolated island. That’s all it needs to make 5 different guys into good friends forever. RAZAK, ABU, AZMAN, SAMAD and JERRY have different life background and yet what connect them all as one is one similar problem which is depression and it had lead them to a special program. Razak, a jobless cartoonist after his company went down for bankruptcy and he is still living with his mom. On the other hand, Abu is an excellent chef that had lost both his business and girlfriend to his so called best friend. Azman is once a very famous footballer but now he is being dismiss from the team cause of his lack of self-discipline. There is also Samad, a very full-of-himself type of director that finally has caused his film to flop at the cinema. Finally, Jerry is a singer that thinks he is much well off than any of his team member from the band Ribut that he had decided to go solo only to realize he is nothing. Combine all of their depression, with all hard determination, they all sign up to a motivation camp to help boost their confident in life.

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