Final Destination 5 (2011)


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Sam Lawton, is on his way to a company retreat with his coworkers. While crossing the North Bay Bridge, Sam suffers a premonition that the bridge will collapse, killing everyone except for Molly. Panicked, he persuades his ex-girlfriend Molly Harper, his friends Peter Friedkin and Nathan Sears, Peter’s girlfriend Candice Hooper, his boss Dennis Lapman, Candice’s rival Olivia Castle and coworker Isaac Palmer to leave the bridge before it collapses. FBI agent Jim Block doesn’t believe that Sam was responsible for the bridge collapse, but promises to keep his eye on him. Following the memorial service, local coroner William Bludworth mysteriously warns the survivors that they cheated Death. Believing this to be just some nonsense, they ignore his warnings and move on.
Later, Candice goes to gymnastics practice with Peter, but a chain reaction causes her to fall off the uneven bars and snap her spine, leaving Peter devastated. The next day, Isaac is killed when his head is crushed by a falling Budai statue during an acupuncture session at a Chinese spa. Bludworth, who has been present for both deaths so far, tells the remaining survivors that if they wish to cheat Death, they must kill someone who was never meant to die on the bridge, and thereby claim their remaining lifespan. Sam and Molly then try to save Olivia at the eye surgery clinic, but are unable to after she fell onto a car’s windshield. Later, after Sam and Molly studied Death’s design, they notice that Nathan is next on Death’s list.

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